Welcome to the homepage for the West Angelo Church of Christ!

We are a body of Christian believers who worship in San Angelo, Texas.  If you are in need of help or prayer, please give us a call or stop in for a visit.  We would be delighted to praise God with you and read from his word.

We are happy to announce that we have secured the services of Ron Guzmán as minister of the West Angelo Church and the next president of SBI. This information will tell you about him and where he has been and his education and work record.


Our hearts are made glad that he is available to move here from Lubbock and work with us.  He and his wife, Carol, will be here by January. Carol is now finishing her work on a Master's Degree in Lubbock.  She completes this semester about the middle of December.



His career highlights are listed below. Most recently, Ron preached part-time for the Gail church of Christ while working at X-Fab, Texas. He was the Preaching Minister for the Parkway Drive church of Christ in Lubbock, Texas from 2004-2014. He has also engaged in full-time ministry in California, Louisiana, Indiana, Florida, and other parts of Texas. He has both a Master of Arts in Biblical Interpretation and a Bachelor of Science in Bible and Ministry from Lubbock Christian University. He also graduated from the Preston Road School of Preaching with a Certificate of Preaching.  In 2010, he received the Liff Sanders Excellence in Ministry Award. In 2012, he received the Stone-Campbell Journal’s Most Promising Scholar Award. In 2014, he presented a paper that he co-authored with Dr. Michael Martin at SBL’s Regional Conference. It is titled “Is Hebrews 5:11-6:20 Really A Digression?” and it has just published by the scholarly journal Novum Testamentum. We ask you all to welcome him to the work here in San Angelo.